There's a Pretty Twisted Reason Why Your Cat Likes to Knock Things off of Shelves

Why do they do it? And most importantly: how do I make them STOP?!

Say goodbye to your glass!

You've probably seen a hundred videos of a kitty stretching out their lovely little paw to push away a cup, a vase, an ashtray, and bottle...

The internet is full of these funny happenings, and most likely you've suffered a few of them yourself when you've left your coffee mug unattended for a moment and Mittens decides that the most logical thing to do is to knock it off all over the carpet.

Why do they do this? Do they hate you, do they hate cups? It seems like they know exactly what they're doing, doesn't it?

Here are a few reasons why they might be doing this and how to put an end to this bad habit.

by Andrea Heckler