The Scary Reason Why You Should NEVER Let Your Cat Play With Yarn

Did you know just how dangerous it can be?

We've all seen stock photos of yarn and kittens, them playing with it like any other toy to bat at and chase. It seems harmless...

But in reality it poses a huge potential risk to cats and kittens alike. Here's why:

Dangers Of Yarn: Getting Caught

The first danger is that they will get tangled up in the yarn. Cats love pouncing around their toys, batting at them with their paws, and chasing them. With string objects like yarn, however, this could result in them unrolling too much thread and getting caught, posing a serious strangulation hazard.

They can also get hurt even if they only get a paw or other part of their body wrapped up and stuck. Yarn might be soft and cozy, but it is definitely not stretchy or pliable.

Dangers Of Yarn: Choking

The second potential danger is internal. Cats love chewing on whatever toy (or non-toy) they can get ahold of, which means they could try to swallow the yarn (or actually succeed in doing so). Both possibilities are dangerous.

Because of the backward-facing barbs on their tongues, anything with a soft and shedding texture like yarn can very easily get caught, and once it's caught on their tongue, felines can't spit it back out. That means they will probably try to swallow it, no matter how long the string is.

If they swallow yarn of any length, it can get caught within anywhere from their throat to their digestive system, potentially causing serious blockage or choking issues.

Don't Take Risks

Even if you closely monitor your cat and never leave them alone while they're playing, it's just too easy to miss something. All it takes it to glance down at your phone for a minute, or peer out the window...

The best thing you can do is to simply be extra cautious and keep all your yarn and other sewing materials stored away where your cat can't get to them. The same goes for thread, rubber bands, and any other string-like types of objects.

Note: If you discover that your cat has swallowed string, do not attempt to remove it, even if you can still see part of it in their mouth. Take your cat to a vet immediately.

So What Can They Play With Safely?

Well...tons of things, actually!

There are countless toys made specifically for cats that are 100% safe for them to play with, even unsupervised. Just be sure to always check for loose or broken parts before letting them play to their heart's content.

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by Andrea Heckler