This Cat Crib Is a Cozy, Space-Saving Hideaway for Your Feline

It turns out: cats love hammocks too! Give them the perfect little perch to hide out, take naps, and spy on all the humans around them...

Image: © Facebook - Cat Crib

Our little felines love having their own little spaces to themselves, especially when those spaces are tight, comfy, and just hidden enough where they can spy on us without us even noticing. (At least, we pretend we don't see them...)

With all these passions in mind, cat enthusiasts have created the Cat Crib. It's a little hammock-style bed that you can attach to practically any kind of chair, table, or furniture piece with legs.

Image - © Cat Crib

Its design lets it wrap around and hold on to legs made of all kinds of materials without sliding, but the wraps are also gentle enough to not leave any marks or do any damage to your furniture. It's also pretty durable and strong, so it'll support the weight of even those of our cats who have a bit more "fluff" to them. ;)

The best part for us humans? It takes up no extra space in our homes. Instead of yet another clunky cat bed or perch, this little hammock just attaches to furniture we already have, and it's small and sleek enough to not detract from our home decor or look tacky in main living spaces. Definite win!

Check out the Cat Crib on Amazon here.

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