Can't Get Your Cat to Drink Water? This FOUNTAIN Might Be Just What You Need

Especially when it's hot out, it's absolutely ESSENTIAL that our cats are staying hydrated. This is a great way to encourage them to drink more – all on their own!

Image: © Catit

Our felines can be very particular about when and how they drink their water... They may decide they simply don't feel like it, or that they don't like the bowl you've given them.

But we've discovered a bowl that even the pickiest of them can't seem get enough of: this flower fountain from Catit.

The fountain is designed so that they can access the gently flowing water easily, without even getting their whiskers wet (which some cats are very particular about!). 

It has 3 different settings of water flow, so you can experiment with each one to see what your cat prefers. It also has a filter installed inside, so the water will always be fresh and up to par with those exceptionally high standards of our furry friends... ;)

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