This old lady receives flowers from the most adorable secret admirer

This woman looks out her window every morning to discover that someone has left flowers!

A MOST ROMANTIC <span style="font-size: inherit;">GESTURE</span>


It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, if you are friendly or grumpy or if you get up with a smile on your face or a frown. Sometimes, life has a way of stealing our hearts.

This is what happened to our dear Rosie, an old woman who woke up each day to receive a very romantic gift from one of her neighbors. "Just thinking that someone thinks to pamper me in some way and by surprise, I feel like Juliet in love."



Rosie received flowers every day from a little person who wanted to be her friend at all costs. Our dear old lady lives in a neighborhood where plants are abundant; therefore, it was not easy for her to find out who her lover was. That romantic gentleman could have even been called the wind.



One day, while she was making dinner, Rosie discovered her secret admirer. The same one who left flowers daily. Oh ... <3 her Romeo was the cat from next door. We could DIE it's so cute.

"My secret admirer was just a legend until yesterday when I was cooking and saw him jumping with a pink flower in his mouth. I was so excited that I went to record it. It's so cute and I've never seen a cat bring anything other than dead animals before, "Rosie commented excitedly.

It is not for less because, unfortunately, we are not accustomed to animals doing this kind of thing. But, CATS are DIFFERENT!



This story gives us butterflies in our stomach. Just that has been the emotion that Rosie experienced with Willow.

A feeling that has made the minimum has become the king of the house since at this point in the relationship Rosie has given permission for him to continue '"wooing" her while they sit on the porch, couch, or in the kitchen. 

How beautiful love is!

by Rebecca Herr