This Cat Sees a Video of His Human Being Who Passed Away, and His Reaction Will Break Your Heart

The reaction this feline had to seeing his human being again has touched the hearts of millions.

I miss you so much!

I miss you so much!

A Chinese media outlet recently shared the video of a feline that has now touched millions of people all over the world.

In it, a white and ginger feline sees a video of his human being, who was with him for ten years and who recently passed away.

First, he just stares at the screen, and then he tries to hug and caress the phone and curls up against it. His little eyes will break your heart!


¡Te echo mucho de menos!

¡Te echo mucho de menos, mi querida dueña! Cuando el gato vio la foto en el móvil de su dueña que lo crió y acompañó durante más de diez años pero que luego murió, se sintió tan triste que quiso abrazar a su dueña en la foto…

Publié par Radio Internacional de China en español sur dimanche 28 Janvier 2018