This Blind Cat Refuses to Abandon His Best Friend at the Shelter

This cat named Ray is blind and needs a home. But he refuses to be adopted without his best friend.

Two best friends

Ray and Bea are the tightest friends you can imagine. They met at the animal shelter Front Street in Sacramento, and ever since then they've done absolutely everything together.

Ray is blind. He used to live on the streets, until he was rescued last September. When Bea is nearby, his entire personality changes: he's much more open, has more confidence, and isn't afraid to do so many more things. Bea is his eyes.

Blind cat and his friend want to be adopted together

Good news!! ADOPTED!! This blind cat and his best friend have been at the shelter for months, waiting for that perfect home where they can both be adopted together. Ray is a lot more confident with Bea around, and they'd like to stay friends. That's why they need Facebook magic to get the word out - we know the right home is out there somewhere! Animal ID#'s 536089 and 536090

Publié par Front Street Animal Shelter - City of Sacramento sur jeudi 7 décembre 2017

by Andrea Heckler