The Airline Lost Her Cat, and What She Did To Get Him Back Is Incredible!

She was traveling with her cat, but the carrier arrived empty.

A long trip

This little feline named Jackie got lost last month and had to travel a long and extraordinary path back to his family.

However, the story had a happy ending, thanks to his faithful human, who didn't give up and never stopped looking for him, no matter how many days passed by, no matter how much harder it became.

His human, Sandra Freitas, was in Madeira, Portugal, where she was waiting for her partner to arrive from Lisbon, with their dog and cat.

However, when he had arrived at the airport, he had discovered that the airline he was traveling with didn't allow pets on board. It was then that he decided to buy a ticket for the dog and for Jackie the cat, from another airline.

by Andrea Heckler