The Reunion of This Blind Cat with Her Human After Many Months Will Make You Cry!

Lily, a 20-year-old blind cat, got lost while on a trip with her human.

A loving reunion

A loving reunion

Raymond McNamara was traveling across the United States with his 20-year-old cat, when one day the feline got lost.

Desperate, the man turned to the authorities and began a frantic search for his beloved four-legged companion.

After a long and unsuccessful search, he began to lose hope of ever finding his lost friend again...when two months later, a woman out of the blue reported finding a lost cat with the exact same characteristics as Lily.

Lily, in addition to being twenty years old, is deaf and blind, and it's a true miracle that she survived alone for eight long weeks. She was tired, dehydrated, and very sick when she was found, but she received immediate hospitalization.

The reunion with her human was so emotional: McNamara couldn't hold back his tears and vowed that he would never let Lily out of his sight again.


Source: ABC News