This Amazing Cat Trains Service Dogs (And Believes He's A Dog, Too)

This former stray kitten is named 'DOG,' who ended up at Support Dogs, Inc. in St. Louis, Missouri by chance. 

Former Stray Kitten Becomes Service Dog Trainer

Adopted by the Director of Canine Services, Nadine Wenig, DOG (pronounced dee-OH-gee) has become a "mascot" and "drill sergeant" at the assistance dogs provider and training organization. 

Formerly a stray kitten, DOG was living among feral cats before being found by Wenig. Surprisingly, the kitten did not hesitate to approach her and show affection by nuzzling up against her leg.

Wenig took him in as her own and fortunately was able to integrate him seamlessly into SDI's canine operations. 

by St├ęphanie