VIDEO: Watch This Fishing Cat Catch a Fish for the First Time in His Life

This 10-month-old kitten just went fishing on his own, for the very first time!

Little fishing cat

Ten months ago, the Denver Zoo announced the birth of a tiny, beautiful fishing cat. The little one was named Miso-Chi, and he became a sensation.

Miso-Chi: first catch

10-month-old fishing cat Miso-Chi caught a mid-size fish (6-inch tilapia) on his own for the first time! As he is now considered an adult cat, he was recently separated from his mother, Namfon, who previously caught and provided him with bigger fish. This is a great developmental moment for him as he is showing he is learning hunting skills.

Publié par Denver Zoo sur lundi 4 décembre 2017

by Andrea Heckler