This Is What Happens When A Cat Goes To Sleep In A "Claw Machine"

The player was hoping to win some stuffed animals, and got a different kind surprise altogether!

An unsuspecting player almost took the jackpot by going to the stuffed animal machine. Among the fluffy prizes, there was a cat taking a nap!

The player was trying to get a stuffed animal, when the mechanical claw woke up the cat sleeping inside. In the video, the cat, annoyed by the interruption, swats the claw away, then does a huge yawn and continues with his nap.

We don't know the identities of the man who took the video, or how the cat came to be sleeping in the machine, but we do know that it all happened in Turkey. 

And although the video is very short, the cat's reaction is so adorable that the video has gone totally viral.

Check it out!

Source:  Daily Mail 

by Anna H