Unsocial Cats Who Can't Be Adopted: Here's What Happens To Them

No one wants to adopt a cat that wants nothing to do with humans... So what can they do with them in the shelters?

The Cats that No One Wants

One of the charms of many cats is that they have their own unique personalities. And that means, for some cats, that they simply don't like humans. Or they don't trust us, because they have had a difficult past.

The problem is that when these kitties are brought to a refuge, they stay there along with so many charming, loving felines, waiting for someone to take them home. Often, they end up being passed up time after time, because they're simply not fit to live in a home.

However, Philadelphia's Animal Care and Control Team found a great new option for these cats that gives them a second chance at a new life, while still respecting their non-domestic nature.

by Andrea Heckler