The Tragic Loss Of The Ghost Cat

Here is the story of the lost New England feline species....

The "Ghost Cat"

The "Ghost Cat"

The eastern puma, commonly known as the "ghost cat" has been officially declared extinct by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

This animal used to live in the New England region but the last time it was seen alive was in 1938.

The causes of it's extinction are mainly hunting. First, they were hunted themselves - seen as threats to livestock, these cat's were targeted as threats, rather than as animals to protect. This caused a massive drop in their numbers. Secondly, humans were hunting deer in large quantities, which were the main foods of these cats. 

"The few pumas that survived the hunt would have had very little food to support themselves," explains biologist Mark McCollough.

Finally, after eighty years without being seen, the eastern cougar was removed from the list of endangered species to become officially extinct in 2018.


Source: Scientific American

by Rebecca Herr