5 Reasons Children Should Grow Up With Cats

Anyone who had a pet growing up knows what it's like to develop a special bond with animals — that alone is reason enough to adopt a furry addition into the family! But kids can learn a great deal from their feline companions. Here are just a few ways having a cat can enrich the lives of you and your children.

Respect for Others

Before adopting a cat, make sure you make one thing clear to your children: cats are not toys but living creatures. Like humans, they have boundaries and value their personal space. They may not want to be cuddled or touched at times, and it's important to listen carefully.

With patience and explanation, even young children can learn to observe your cat's body language. They'll learn when it's playtime, snuggle time, or when your cat just wants to be left alone (avoiding potential biting or scratching). Kids who learn to respect other creatures from an early age will naturally be better at interacting with their classmates — a lesson in empathy that will continue to benefit them in the future!

by Samantha B