How To Wrap a Gift in THIRTY-SIX Easy Steps

If there are cats around, you can't get it done in fewer steps. Sorry.

Time to wrap presents!

There always comes a time when you have a million gifts left to wrap and only half an hour to do it. What you'd love most is for little Mittens to get off their butt and help you wrap all those presents for your Aunt Wanda and your three cousins. But the truth is, when there are cats around, this task is probably not going to be easy.


Here are the quickest steps to getting it done.

We'd like there to be a lot fewer, but we can't make it so. We've tried. Our parents tried. NASA tried. It's just not possible.


Very simple steps:

1. Get Mittens off the table where you're going to wrap.

2. Spread out the wrapping paper.

3. Place the gift in the center.

4. Mittens is now biting the edge of the paper; they've probably already made some holes in it. Scold and stop them.

5. Fold one side of the paper over to cover half of the gift.

6. Get some duct tape... Where's the duct tape? Oh, Mittens pushed it off the table.

7. Pick up the tape. Wait a minute, did the cat pull out the fluffy socks you bought for your dad?

8. There, they're running off with them! Come back here, you ridiculous cat! Why didn't you tell me you wanted socks this year?

9. Now that you've recovered the socks, take your dad's gift and shake it off. There, good as new...



by Andrea Heckler