What Is Your Cat's Zodiac Sign Based on Their Personality?

Zodicat signs

Zodicat signs


Aries kitties are active and love to hunt and stalk their prey (whether it's a red dot laser or a bottle cap). Since they have a lot of energy, they can sometimes get a little aggressive, especially if they don't get the amount of play they need to let all their steam out. 

They may be a bit hyperactive, but your Aries feline will bring you small (and disgusting) "gifts" they've chased down. In return, give them a little more play time and attention, and help them get all that typical Aries energy out of their system, so they can chill out on your lap for a few minutes!



All cats like to be spoiled, but this applies especially to Taurus cats, who want nothing more than the good life. 

Your little Taurus won't leave any food crumbs in their bowl, and if you want to spoil them a bit extra, a super special treat will make them the happiest of cats.

When their belly is full, then you're allowed to begin the petting session. Be careful, because with a Taurus, this can be the start of a long, many-hour session of non-stop, happy purring...



If you think you have just one cat, you're mistaken: Gemini felines have more than one charming personality to fall in love with!

They're very vocal, so your little Gemini probably has a wide repertoire of meows that they use depending on the occasion: hunger, desire to go out (and their respective desire to enter, of course), desire to play...

Gemini cats are active, a bit naughty, and very curious (even more than average cats normally are!). So they won't hesitate to check your bag, your guest's bag, and all the drawers in the house to find out what wonders you might be hiding.

by Andrea Heckler