How To Deal With the Loss of Your Cat

Things that help

Things that help

  • Acknowledge that this is a difficult process and be patient
    Yes, there are people who don't understand it, but those of us who have pets know how hard this is. They're part of the family, and how can you not be heartbroken when someone in your family passes away?
    Don't judge yourself and give yourself some time alone, if that's what you need. And this brings us to the next point:

  • Let yourself cry
    Do it in private, if you prefer, but do it. It's a healthy way to release your emotions and accept the loss. And yes, it's perfectly fine to cry (as much as you need to) over the loss of your cat.

  • Talk about your sadness
    Try to put your pain into words with a friend, preferably someone who also loves pets, so that they can understand you and can put themselves in your shoes. If you don't have someone like that, look for a forum or a Facebook group of cat lovers where you can find a supportive community.

  • Do something nice to remember them
    When a certain amount of time has passed and you feel calmer, make a photo album to remember them by. You can collect pictures, write a list of things your cat liked (and things they disliked), and so on. This type of creative activity will allow you to keep the best memories of your time together and make sure you never forget any of them.

  • Talk about them
    Not everyone around us loves that we talk to them all the time about our cats, but thankfully you can find forums and online communities where you can talk about your kitty, share their picture, tell their story.
    When we lose a loved one, it makes us want to talk about them all the time. This is also true for cats, and it's healthy for you to have a place to express yourself, especially if your immediate environment is not very understanding.

by Andrea Heckler