Why Does Your Cat Lick You? The Fascinating Reasons You Never Knew

It's not just because they love you: they have other secret reasons...

Why are you licking me? No really, WHY?

We love EVERYTHING that cats do: how they rub with their paws behind their ears, how they wiggle their butts before attacking, and how they get all excited about that piece of celery that fell off your salad. However, the truth is that we are far from understanding all the things they do, and there are times when we simply wonder if they've lost their marbles entirely.

But without a doubt, one of the most commonly recurring existential questions is why – oh, why! – your kitty gets on a roll sometimes with licking your hand. Your arm. Your face even, if they can.

Well, of course, there's more than one possible reason. Here are the most common ones, and it's up to you to watch your feline and decide which one applies and when.

by Andrea Heckler