How To Stop Your Cat From Destroying All Your Plants

Before you give up on having plants at home, consider trying some of these helpful tricks.

Plants and Cats: Mission Impossible

If you've already lost most of your plants to your mischievous little feline, you might think this is impossible. But yes, it really is possible to live in a home with both plants and cats!

It takes a bit of extra time and effort, but eventually cats can learn to live with your beloved fauna. Here are the things you need to pay special attention to:

  • Safe plants
    The first thing you have to make sure of is that the plants are not toxic to cats. Obviously, the goal is that they won't destroy them and chew on them anyway, but if they do end up doing so, it's important that they don't get sick or poisoned.
  • Plants out of reach
    Even if you plan on moving the plants later, first place them in locations that your kitty can't get to. This will help teach them that, yes, there are plants in the house, but they are not for the cat and they have nothing to do with their everyday life.
  • Heavy flowerpots
    Make sure you pick out good, sturdy pots that aren't light enough for the cat to pull them off of shelves or move them from where you put them. This also helps to prevent the cat from tipping over any pots that you might leave on the ground.

by Andrea Heckler