The 10 Stages of Dealing with a Cat First Thing in the Morning

You love them, there's no doubt about that... but first thing in the morning can be a bit rough for cat owners!

Hello? Hi? Anybody home?

It's an hour before your alarm goes off and you're dreaming of being on a beach somewhere with a mojito in hand, when you feel something heavy landing on your stomach and a little furry paw tapping your nose.

You wake up totally alert. Your cat just wanted to make sure you were still alive. You glance over at the clock and see that you still have another hour of good sleep left.

You try to fall asleep right away, but then your mind starts thinking about all the things you have to do when you get up. Then you realize you've lost 10 valuable minutes going over everything, and now you're wide awake...

by Andrea Heckler