Are You Making These Mistakes in Feeding Your Cat?

These are the most common mistakes cat owners make in feeding their felines.

Common mistakes in feeding cats

1. Giving them too much food

This is the most common mistake in feeding cats, and it's especially important considering the number of obese cats is growing steadily over time. And this isn't just problematic because of what they look like, of course, but the fact that being overweight or obese can significantly diminish your cat's quality of life and cause them serious health problems.

The best way to avoid giving them too much food is by dividing their food into portions and giving it to them throughout the day.


2. Buying the cheapest food you can find

It's okay – and it's normal – to try and look for bargains and save as much as you can on cat food; you don't need to be a millionaire to feed your cat well, and the marked-up brands are not always the best for your feline in the end anyway. However, it's very important that you know the ingredients about the food you're choosing to buy and that you make an informed decision.


3. Giving them milk

Despite all we've been told from movies and TV, milk is NOT good for cats, and it can actually be quite dangerous.

by Andrea Heckler