Siamese Cats: How Much Do You Know About This Ancient and Elegant Breed?

Did you know that they are one of the oldest breeds of Asia?

Siamese cats are perhaps one of the most well-known breeds across the world today. And how could they not be? With their stunning blue, almond-shaped eyes, their large pointed ears, their long slender bodies, and their unique point coloration unlike any other feline, these cats are truly beautiful in their own special way.

Where Do They Come From?

One of the oldest recognized breeds of Asia, siamese are named after their place of origin: Thailand, or what used to be known as Siam. They thrived in Asia for centuries, until sometime in the 1800s when they burst into popularity across Europe and North America and became one of the most desirable breeds. Now, they're famous all over the world!

What Are Their Prominent Features?

There are two general types of Siamese in terms of their appearance and build: traditional (or "old style") and modern.

The traditional Siamese has a rounder body and head shape than what you normally might associate with this breed. It's less distinct from other breeds in these features, though it still bears the unique point coloration, and is now starting to be reclassified as a Thai cat.

The modern Siamese, however, is probably what you will think of when you imagine one of these felines. They have the exaggerated physical features that these cats are most known for today: the triangular-shaped head, the enormous ears, and the incredibly slim and muscular body.

What Are They Like?

Siamese are one of the rare cat breeds whose personalities are actually compared more to that of a dog than a cat! They are very social creatures, often seeking close companionship with their human and with other cats. Because of their affectionate personalities, they can become depressed if left alone for too long, which is why they are often adopted in pairs.

Their playfulness is perhaps what most contributes to their comparisons with canines: they love to play games, including fetch, and are generally very active well throughout their adult lives. They are also remarkably intelligent, as well as vocal, unafraid to meow persistently until they get your attention.

So what do you think? Are you ready to adopt a Siamese cat into your family?

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by Andrea Heckler