KITTEN SEASON: When It Is and How You Can Help

It sounds cute, but "kitten season" can really mean a lot of little cats in need of our help. Find out what YOU can do to make a difference!

The term "kitten season" can actually be applied to two different times of year: the spring (perhaps the most extreme) and the fall. Due to breeding patterns of cats, these seasons see a huge boom in kittens, meaning that there are a lot more little souls in need of love, care, and homes.

Shelters do everything they can to find and rescue as many as they can, but when the numbers increase so drastically, it can be difficult for them to meet the demands. This leaves their spaces filled up, their workers overworked, and potentially a lot of animals left at risk.

Of course, the best way you can contribute is by welcoming a new addition into your home. As shelters around you are filling up, the only way they'll be able to make space for new homeless animals is if people come and adopt the ones they already have.

However, if you're not in a position to adopt right now, you can still make a difference. So what else can you do?

1. Spread the word.

Maybe your home is too full already, but you could know someone whose isn't! One of your friends or family members might even already be considering adoption but doesn't know where to start, or doesn't realize that now is such a perfect time to do so. Talk about the subject and share the facts with everyone you know, and you could end up being just the encouragement that someone needs!

2. Foster.

Volunteering as a foster parent for cats or kittens when shelters get too full is a great way to more actively help out. This frees up space and resources for shelters so that they are able to rescue and help even more animals, which is especially crucial during kitten season. It also offers a loving environment for unadopted pets to stay in until they're able to find their forever home.

3. Be prepared.

Never underestimate how valuable preparedness can be, especially during this time of year. It's possible that a cat in your area has had a litter of kittens, and if you discover one or all of them, you'll be able to help much better and faster if you know just what to do.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that, sometimes, you don't need to do anything at all. Wait and watch to see if the mother is around. Often she will be, and if that's the case then she is capable of taking care of them on her own until they're a bit older. So don't immediately act and take them to a shelter.

The age of the kittens also plays a vital role: if they seem to be less than 4 weeks old, only move them if you haven't seen their mother for several hours. If they're older, then give it a day before acting.


Knowing what to do is important for you to be aware of, but it's also vital to share with as many people as you can. Anyone could be the one to stumble across a kitten in need, and we all should know how to proceed if that day comes.

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by Andrea Heckler