VIDEO: This Is How To Make a Giant Gingerbread House For Your CATS!

This couple decided to build a gingerbread house that their cats could enjoy too.

Cat's Best Christmas

Cat's Best Christmas

Cole and Marmelade are two famous kitties in the internet world. And this Christmas, their humans Chris Poole and Jessica Josephs decided to experiment with a unique and adorable way to decorate their house for the season's festivities.

Why, you ask? Because Marmelade seems to have it out for Christmas trees, leaving his humans no choice but to swear them off from here on out.

So they decided on something else this year: a gigantic, epic gingerbread house that their cats could enjoy!

No, they didn't make it out of cookies, of course... Instead, they used cardboard boxes. A cat's dream!

Check out this video to see how they made it. Their cats seemed to love ducking inside, jumping up to the higher levels, and playing all over their fun new dream house! Would you dare try something like this for your cats?

by Andrea Heckler