Fun Ideas For Cozy and Adorable Cat Homes You Can Make Yourself

These easy DIY tutorials will show you how to make your cat the home of their dreams!

DIY genius

Finally, a new purpose for all your old wine crates! Your cat will never be so thrilled by your enthusiasm for vino as the moment you turn these old boxes into a cozy little space just for them.

The first thing you can create by uncycling these crates is this drawer-bed.

Collect several old crates and remove all bottle-separators and nails left inside. File down the edges and sand the inner and outer surfaces to remove any splinters that could pose a danger. If you only have one crate to work with, make a little drawer, topped off with a soft and cozy cushion.

If you have more material to work with, you can go one step further and make a small roof with cardboard to make it feel more like a secret hiding place for your mysterious feline. (Tip for protecting your floors: glue squares of felt on the edges to avoid scratching up any surfaces.)