Make a Drinking Fountain for Your Cat Without Breaking Your Bank

Cats love fresh water, even better if it's moving. This homemade drinking fountain is super easy and cheap.

Fresh water

If you have a cat, you know just how much they love to drink fresh water, and if it's moving, even better.

There are cats who go crazy for water straight out of the tap and others who won't stop drinking out of their human's glasses – but why? Well, it's because it's very clean water, fresh without any contamination from dust or strange smells, as happens very quickly with the water sitting all day in their water bowl.

Cats also tend not to feel very thirsty by nature, and they therefore need to be encouraged constantly to stay hydrated. One of the best solutions, without a doubt, is a drinking fountain. The problem with these though is that most of the ones you'll find on the market aren't cheap, and often their life span is pretty short.

So let's get down to business and make a fountain for your feline that's cheap, functional, and so easy!

by Andrea Heckler