Amazing Places Around the World that Every Cat Lover Needs to Visit

Cat lovers, put these destinations at the top of your list!

Aoshima, or Japan's Cat Island

Do you dream of a place where you can walk around surrounded by cats, a place where the felines outnumber the humans six to one? Dream no more, because that place is real!

Aoshima Island in Japan is home to more than a hundred cats (and very few humans). They were originally brought to the island with humans years before, but since then former residents have begun to move away from the secluded place, and the cats have stayed and made the place their own. They live independently, but residents will give them love and attention – as well as some of their fishing bounty!

When you visit, you're greeted by swarms of curious kitties, who will likely follow you and keep you company during your entire time on the island.

by Andrea Heckler