Breeders Are Crossing Wild Cats with Domestic Cats for Profit. These Are the Consequences

Hybrid cats are a mixture of a wild cat, such as a lynx or a caracal, and a small domestic cat.

Hybrid felines

You may have heard of the caracal, that magnificent wild cat that inhabits the savannahs, but you probably don't know about the caracat yet.

This new breed is a hybrid between a domestic cat (usually an Abyssinian) and a wild caracal. The business of breeding and selling these animals is currently growing, especially in Russia and the United States. They are sold for a high price, but for many people it's worth the expense, as long as they can have an exotic pet.

This isn't the only example of this, however. There are many other combinations of wild cat and domestic to create hybrids with desirable features: crosses with lynx, servals, etc...

But what are the problems caused by this growing industry?

by Andrea Heckler