The Saddest Cat in the World: This Cat's Adorable Expression Is Making All Our Hearts Melt!

Luhu is a pampered little feline with the saddest expression you've ever seen.

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Meet Luhu. She's a tabby cat living a great life in Beijing with her human mom and all her kitty siblings. She's pampered, loved, and gets to do so many fun things every day.

But... she doesn't seem to be too thrilled. Certainly not as thrilled as we would be to not have cares or responsibilities (or bills!).

Une publication partagée par Maggie Liu (@lanlan731) le

Luhu has the saddest little face the world has ever seen!

There's no explanation for this constant expression of forlorn mourning, and none of her siblings (all from the same parents) have it. But for whatever reason, no matter her mood or what she's doing, she looks perpetually melancholy.

Her mom Maggie Liu found the face so adorable that she decided to start posting pictures of little Luhu on Instagram.

And it didn't take long before other people started to fall for her too!

Une publication partagée par Maggie Liu (@lanlan731) le

This spoiled little feline has over 160,000 followers on Instagram!

And her adorably sorrowful face has captured the hearts of so many others all across the internet and people all over the world.

No one quite understands why she always looks so sad, but she brings so much happiness into the lives of her family and her many, many fans online!

Une publication partagée par Maggie Liu (@lanlan731) le

Want to see more of Luhu's heartbreakingly cute face? Check her out on Instagram.

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