PICTURES: This Rare Cat Has the Craziest Facial Expressions You've Ever Seen!

Pallas's cat might have very funny expressions, but their conservation status is no joke... 


Pallas’s Cats Otocolobus manul are also called Manul, Steppe Cat or Rock Wildcat. They are native to Central Asia, but although large populations were once found across Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and China now are most commonly found in Mongolia and Russia. 

Hunted, and crowded out

Pallas's Cats were once highly valued for their pelt and hunted in great numbers in the early 1900's. Today, a combination of humans encroaching on their habitats; domestic dogs; agriculture and livestock; and hunting have dramatically thinned their numbers. Today, they are considered Nearly Threatened (Population Diminishing). 

These amazing cats also pull incredibly silly faces, so click through our album to check them out and learn more about this remarkable species as you go! ... 

by Anna H