This Cat Steals Something to Bring to His Owner Every Day... Some of His "Gifts" Will Shock You

Did we mention his owner is a cop?

© Facebook - Happy Kleptokitty

Tigger is a mischievous little cat with a strange habit: he likes to steal things from around the neighborhood and bring them to his owner.

Who, by the way, is a police officer.

Nicknamed the "Kleptokitty", Tigger began doing this years ago. Since then, his owner Dave, from Gladstone, Oregon, has been receiving almost daily "presents" from his feline, who usually goes scavenging at night to find his treasures.

© Facebook - Happy Kleptokitty

Some of the most memorable finds include My Little Pony plush toys, dish rags, milk cartons, silverware, underwear, and even once...a bag of marijuana! We're sure Officer Dave was thrilled to receive that little surprise...

"I said, 'You can’t be bringing that stuff home, that’s against the law!'" Dave told KPTV.

© Facebook - Happy Kleptokitty

While he brings home some pretty suspicious stuff, Dave doesn't think his cat is going into people's home to find his objects of thievery.

Instead, he thinks they are all things that people have left outside in their yards. Tigger wanders around, picks them up, and trots them happily back to his owner the next morning!

© Facebook - Happy Kleptokitty

In true investigative fashion, Tigger's cop dad set up motion-activated cameras to catch his little thief in the act. And boy did he find some incriminating evidence!

Seeing as how the Kleptokitty isn't showing any signs of regret or changing his ways, he don't think he really cares all that much.

See what other items he's scavenged on his Facebook page.

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by Andrea Heckler