This Stray Kitten Was Crippled From Birth, But Wait Until You See His Transformation

Kittens with special needs are often overlooked and unwanted, but Inky's human refused to give up on him!

Meet Inky. He's a rescue cat who was born with no eyelids.

His condition is due to a very rare birth defect called Eyelid Agenisis. This resulted in his upper eyelids never forming, making it nearly impossible to blink and keep the eyes from drying out. It also causes issues with fur growth around the eyes.

When he was found in the wild, he was a stray barely cilnging to life. He was weak and would never have survived, were it not for his loving human.

With medical help and a lot of love, Inky began to grow strong again – and grow up! He required more care than most other kittens, but his human didn't hesitate to give him exactly what he needed.

Just look at him now!

Thankfully, Inky's defect wasn't as serious as it can be for some animals, and he can still blink using his lower lids. Although he still requires eye drops every other day, for the most part he's able to live a totally normal life!

He enjoys all the typical feline activities, like frolicking outside, being mysteriously entertained by plastic bags, and making friends with other cats and dogs.

He recently had to undergo a Cryotherapy treatment around his eyes, which took a lot of courage. But the tough little feline was brave and had a lot of love and support!

He's now made a full recovery and is back at his usual mischief once more.

Rescue centers and shelters have a lot of trouble finding homes for cats and other animals with  special needs. Many people don't want a cat that might require more medical attention and care. Special needs animals might also have visible defects that make them look different from others.

But Inky is proof that they not only can live perfectly normal lives, but they also have their own special personalities and characters – and oh so much love to give!


Check out Inky's Instagram to see more from this adorable feline.


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by Andrea Heckler