This Guy Created the Ultimate Maze for His Cats...with 50 Boxes!

This cat dad went all out and gave his felines the surprise of their lives.


Some of us do crazy, troublesome things all for the enjoyment of our beloved cats. But have you ever gone as far as this guy?

Chris Poole, adoptive dad to cats Cole and Marmalade, spent what we're guessing was a lot of hours constructing the ultimate feline maze. First, he collected a bunch of boxes. Then, with his cats curiously looking on, he rearranged his entire living room to make space for the new addition.

Then the real fun began: Chris unfolded and set up all the boxes, even cutting holes in the sides of some of them to provide little tunnels and alleyways for his cats to crawl through and explore.

The labyrinth is made from a whopping total of 50 boxes!

Watch how Cole and Marmalade react as they discover this new contraption:

One thing is for certain: those are two very loved felines!

Check out their Facebook page here.

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by Andrea Heckler