This Bengal Cat Loves Water... Watch How He Reacts To The Shower!

This feline is fearless!


It's an age-old belief that felines hate water, and for the most's true! Just ask any cat owner who has had to try to give their furball a bath. They probably have scars to show.

But, of course, there are some oddball cats who don't fit into this description. And did you know that there are also certain feline breeds that have a tendency to like water?

One of these domestic breeds is the Bengal. Over time, owners have discovered that they often have an affinity for water and are totally comfortable playing in puddles, sinks, or showers...even swimming in pools!

Still, we're pretty sure that not even your average Bengal is quite as enthusiastic about shower time as this one is:

Une publication partagée par Wild Spot Marilo Bear (@bengalcat_bear) le

Bear the Bengal is an Instagram star, with nearly 100,000 followers.

He's gained fame for his beautiful coat and funny antics, but maybe the funniest thing about him is his love for shower time!

Watch him as he bats in the sprinkles of this shower head, and even pulls it towards him so he can get the rest of his fur wet too!

Une publication partagée par Wild Spot Marilo Bear (@bengalcat_bear) le

We have a funny feeling that if his humans liked baths, he wouldn't be one of those cats who just sat on the sidelines and supervised.

Bear also seems to have quite a thing for the sink – cause, you know, you can't spend all day in the shower!

Une publication partagée par Wild Spot Marilo Bear (@bengalcat_bear) le

We've never seen anything like it! That's gotta be one sparkling-clean kitty.

See more of Bear on Instagram.

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by Andrea Heckler